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Makerchip Developer (Intern): We're looking for a self-motivated student with strong skills and interest in the latest web technologies. Candidates should be comfortable with:

  • open-source development practices, including Git and continuous integration and deployment

  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS

  • React/Angular/Vue

  • Node.js

  • Linux

  • Docker

  • AWS

  • databases

  • etc.

The intern will further the development of the platform, implementing features like nothing the silicon industry has ever seen!

Other internship opportunities may be available. Please inquire.


Full-time positions are not available at this time, but we are always interested in good talent. If you have an interest in shaping the future of chip design, we'd like to know it. We may be able to help you find a way to make your mark. We are particularly responsive to engineers with demonstrated skills with TL-Verilog, so show us something cool you've done with it!


Please send resumes, interest statements, etc. to

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