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Turnkey Design

Silicon: Utilizing our network of TL-Verilog developers, we deliver high-quality SystemVerilog IP to customer specifications. We have expertise with high-performance, low-power, and high-reliability ASIC and FPGA design.

Accelerated applications: We also work with forward-looking companies exploring novel models of hardware acceleration utilizing cloud FPGAs.

Team Augmentation and Consulting

On a small scale, we are able to provide our expertise and EDA capabilities as an integrated part of your design team.


Using AI and formal verification we can identify bugs you didn't know you had. While we do not currently provide full verification solutions, we can augment your existing solution as a side effort that can reduce your risk without impacting your schedule. Even if you are not committed to adopting TL-Verilog, our in-house technology for converting Verilog to TL-Verilog has the benefit of exposing hidden bugs. Of course, if we don't find any, you won't pay.


We can help you evaluate our tools within your design environment, so you can see, first-hand, the impact they can have for you, before you commit.


For new customers, we are prepared to accelerate your organization quickly. Just one day of training will make a huge difference to your productivity. Training for advanced use models is available as well.


Support is part of the deal. We're available to answer customer questions and resolve issues as they arise.


Contact us for more information.

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