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FPGAs for Everyone

Redwood EDA and the Open Source FPGA Foundation share a common vision for the democratization of FPGA technology. Everyone, everywhere should have easy access to user-friendly FPGA design tools and hardware. And, together, we're making it happen.


Innovations in Computing

Innovative design methodology meets innovative architecture. Together, Redwood EDA and Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc. are setting the example for a new generation of architectural innovation.


Analog and Mixed Signal

Need silicon? Redwood EDA's expertise with digital logic combined with Western Semiconductor's expertise with analog and mixed-signal design is the perfect marriage. We team up to provide turnkey silicon solutions on aggressive schedules.


Everyone Can!

VLSI System Design has helped students across the globe to do amazing things with Redwood EDA's tools for open-source development. Their training and open-source tooling is making the impossible possible for students.


Other possible partners: InAccel, FOSSi Foundation

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